How to find all files in a directory with specific extension using Python

Whenever we need to check if file with specific extension exists in a directory or get list of files with specific extension from a directory, it can be done using python. Here is simple program for doing the same.

There are three ways to do this using python

  1. os.walk
  2. os.listdir
  3. glob.glob

All three methods are demonstrated in below program

Output of the program

*** Program Started ***
List of Files using os.walk: ['file3.txt', 'list_to_file_in_directory.txt', 'test.txt']
List of Files using listdir: ['file3.txt', 'list_to_file_in_directory.txt', 'test.txt']
List of Files using glob : ['file3.txt', 'list_to_file_in_directory.txt', 'test.txt']
*** Program Completed ***


How to count number of files in directory using Python

Counting number of files using python in specific folder can be done using multiple ways.  Some of these are mentioned below

Here is the output

*** Program Started ***
Number of Files using os.walk : 7
Number of Files using listdir method#1 : 8
Number of Files using listdir method#2 : 7
Number of Files using listdir method#3 : 7
Number of Files using glob : 7
*** Program Completed ***

As you can see Number of Files using listdir method#1 are different, this is because, its counting a folder as a file.


How to check file size in Python

Many times while doing file processing python, we need to know file size in bytes/KBs/MBs. You can get file size using multiple methods, following are two simple methods to get file size using os module.

I have run this file for two inputs,one is image and another is empty file.

Here is the output of the program

$ python3.6 
*** Program Started ***
Input file is not empty
File size (in Bytes) : 147162
File size (in Bytes) : 147162
Input file is empty
File size (in Bytes) : 0
File size (in Bytes) : 0
*** Program Ended ***

Actual file size

I have added a check to see if file size is empty, you might need to check file size before doing any processing on files.